English Mind-Walk Teacher Training

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Learn the art of pilgrimage: walking meditation

Mind-Walk: Mindful walking inspired by yoga and meditation, a perfect blend.

In a two-day course, you will learn how to guide a walking group using the Mind-Walk method.

What Do You Learn as a Mind-Walk Trainer?

🌳 Reconnect with Nature
Discover how to help others reconnect with the nature within themselves by immersing them in the great outdoors.

🍀 Guide Groups to Balance:
Learn techniques to guide groups toward finding balance through mindful walking and nature experiences.

🌻 Rediscover Your True Nature:
Remember and embrace your natural lifestyle, as experiential learning is essential to effectively share this with others.

The Mind-Walk Mandala

You’ll work with the Mind-Walk mandala, which includes:

👟 Walking Meditation
🧘‍♀️ Relaxation
🤸‍♀️ Mindful Movement
💆‍♀️ Mindfulness
📿 Conscious Anchors
🌳 Nature Awareness

These components are delivered through 10 themed, guided outdoor sessions. These sessions are central to the 10-week basic course, which you will learn to conduct for groups or one-on-one.


Themes for Personal Development and Growth

The themes are designed to promote personal transformation through movement. This “healing movement” originated during a pilgrimage to Santiago, where Jacqueline discovered the method. She was inspired to share these techniques more broadly, leading to the creation of Mind-Walk.

Mind-Walk brochure
Mind-Walk brochure (in Dutch)

Mind-Walk philosophy

This is a two-day course focused on experiential learning. According to the Mind-Walk philosophy, you cannot effectively teach the exercises without experiencing them yourself. Therefore, the entire weekend is dedicated to personal experience.

Join us for this immersive two-day training and become a certified Mind-Walk trainer. Experience the transformative power of mindful walking firsthand. Sign up now and start your journey!

What Can You Do as a English speaking Mind-Walk Trainer?

As a Mind-Walk trainer, you will be equipped to guide walking groups with:

🪶 10 Themed Outdoor Sessions
👟 44 Meditative Walking Techniques
🤸‍♀️ 10 Mindful Movement Series
🧘‍♀️ 10 Relaxation Exercises (including breathing techniques)
🤯 10 Mindset Moments
⚓️ 6 Conscious Anchors

All of this is delivered with a focus on 🌳 Nature Awareness and nature awareness exercises.

Become a Mind-Walk Trainer in Two Magical Days in South Limburg

Join us for a transformative mini-retreat over two days in the beautiful region of South Limburg. During this time, you’ll become a certified Mind-Walk® trainer. Start your day with coffee or fresh tea ☕️, then dive into the healing Mind-Walk movement. Enjoy a delicious lunch 🍲 in the afternoon as part of this enriching experience.



Your Teacher

Jacqueline Smeets is the founder of Mind-Walk. She will be your inspiring, enthusiastic guide on this wonderful journey.


Date & Location

June 1 & 2, Heerlen, the Netherlands

Bloem 2


- mini two-day retreat
- English Mind-Walk Trainer certification

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If you have any questions, feedback or feel like connecting about the English Speaking Mind-Walk Teacher Training, don´t hesitate to fil out the contact form or send a message to zen@mind-walk.nl 

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