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Becoming a Mind-Walk Trainer? English Teacher Training Discover the power of Mind-Walk! Become a Mind-Walk trainer and transform not only your own life but also the lives of others! As a trainer, you will learn:
  • Combining effective mindfulness and walking techniques
  • Creating deep connections with nature
  • Reducing stress and promoting inner peace
  • Guiding participants towards a healthier, more balanced, but above all, happier life
As participants, they will enjoy:
  • Relaxing nature walks
  • Improved focus and mental clarity
  • A sense of inner peace and well-being
  • Participation in a supportive group
  • Enhanced resilience and balance in daily life Make a positive impact on yourself and others with Mind-Walk!
Enroll now in our certified trainer course and start your journey to personal growth, bringing others along on your transformative journey. What do you actually learn as a Mind-Walk trainer?
You learn how to help others reconnect with the nature within themselves in nature.
🍀You learn how to guide groups back to walking towards balance.
But above all, you learn to remember again what your true nature is because if you have forgotten this natural lifestyle yourself, you cannot pass it on either, experiential learning is therefore paramount.
You will work with the Mind-Walk mandala which consists of: 👟Walking Meditation 🧘‍♀️Relaxation 🤸‍♀️Mindful Movement 💆‍♀️Mindset 📿Conscious Anchors 🌳Nature Awareness
These are provided through 10 themed guided outdoor sessions that are central to the 10-week basic course that you will be taught to pass on to groups or 1 on 1. Themes for personal development and growth that have proven to initiate a transformation in movement.
We don’t call it a healing movement for nothing; this healing movement originated during a pilgrimage. During the journey to Santiago, Jacqueline came into contact with the method and didn’t understand why it was so unknown. She therefore started giving outdoor sessions herself, initially under the name: Mindfulness in Nature, later that no longer covered what was all shared in the sessions and this became Mind-Walk.
What can you do as a Mind-Walk trainer?
Guiding walking groups with: 🪶10 themed outdoor sessions 👟44 Meditative walking techniques 🤸‍♀️10 Mindful Movement series 🧘‍♀️10 Relaxation exercises / relaxation or breathing techniques 🤯10 Mindset Moments ⚓️6 Conscious Anchors and all of this in a sauce of 🌳Nature Awareness (and nature awareness exercises)
Become a Mind-Walk Trainer during 2 magical days in South Limburg?
A mini two-day retreat for yourself and immediately become certified as an official Mind-Walk® trainer. We start the day with coffee or a fresh tea ☕️ before we go on our way and immerse ourselves in the healing mind-walk movement, in the afternoon a delicious lunch included. 🍲

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